Ranking List

This season the SSA Snowboard Committee have implemented a Quota Allocation Policy to ensure competitors understand the entry and event selection process for the northern winter and help athletes manage their event schedule. This Quota Allocation Policy outlines how the quota places will be allocated for all levels of competition during the northern winter. Please read this document thoroughly when submitting your Expression of Interest form.

The above Quota Allocation Policy refers to the following Snowboard Selection Priority and Ranking List to help rank those athletes that have met the Snowboard Selection Criteria. The Ranking List is made up of four tiers which once the corresponding criteria is met allows the named athlete to compete in that level of event. The four Tiers are outlined below.

We ask all athletes and coaches etc to contact the SSA Office if there are any errors or ommissions in the below Snowboard Selection Priority and Ranking List. 

NSWIS Wintersport Program Athletes
Halfpipe   Slopestyle   SBX
Torah Bright*   Jess Rich   Alex Pullin*
Kent Callister*   Mahalah Mullins   Belle Brockhoff*
Emily Arthur   Angus Waddington   Cameron Bolton*
Holly Crawford*   Cassandra Fortune   Jarryd Hughes*
Nathan Johnstone*   Josh Vagne   Adam Dickson
Luke Staveley   Joss McAlpin   Georgia Baff
Matthew Cox   Tess Coady   Josh Miller
        Matthew Thomas
        Adam Lambert
        Annabel Tudhope
* OWI Scholarship Athletes

Checkpoint Schedule

  • Checkpoint #1 – 1 May
  • Checkpoint #2 – 1 November
  • Checkpoint #3 – 1 February

Snowboard Selection Priority and Ranking List